Who we are

A bit about us and how Rewaco Trikes Scotland began!


We are Gordon and Ellie, and we met in church in Spain in 2017. Both recently widowed, our love of motorbikes soon developed into an all-consuming love for trikes! In 2020 we began to look for a trike for ourselves in Gordon’s native Scotland.

Complete novices, we wanted somewhere we could look at different styles of trike, seek face to face advice, or even take a test drive. There was nowhere. Undeterred, we ventured to England, and to The Trike Guy, where we bought our first Boom trike.


When Gordon left the oil industry, we decided to start a business in Scotland selling new and used trikes – the kind of business we had been unable to find for ourselves! Riding through Brechin on our trike, we passed the then empty Crosshill Garage, and that was it!  We turned for advice to The Trike Guy, whose invaluable mentoring and support paved the way for a successful association, enabling us, in April 2022, to open Rewaco Trikes Scotland Ltd.

In addition to selling used trikes, and brand new Rewaco trikes, and offering trike tours through the picturesque Angus countryside, we decided to open a snack bar on site. Whether customers are interested in trikes, embarking on a tour, or simply stopping by for a friendly chat, our little business is fast becoming a go-to place for trike enthusiasts and a gateway to the awe-inspiring beauty of Angus!