Since opening in April 2022, we have been blessed in every way!
Our tours licence from Angus Council was awarded in August 2022 – a lengthy procedure as we are the only licenced trike tour company on mainland Scotland. This meant that new rules and regulations to cover the use of trikes had to be drawn up by the council, and we are grateful for the support of local councillors to help us get this part of the business off the ground. Tour vouchers have proved popular, especially over the Christmas period, and we are looking forward to a bumper tour season in 2023!
Trike sales have exceeded our expectations, and we are grateful to the Trike Guy for invaluable advice and guidance – it is a steep and continuing learning curve! Our brand new and pre owned Rewaco trikes offer great value for money, and a riding experience like no other! We have gradually increased our on-site stock since April and are now able to showcase trikes from £8,495 to £31,995. We are also able to access any trikes available from the Trike Guy, opening up the world of triking in Scotland in a unique and exciting way!
Our snack bar has enabled us to host monthly bike and trike meets from April to October, offering hot drinks including our own blend of filter coffee developed with local coffee specialists Maison Dieu. During the meets we have raised in excess of £300 for local and national charities. We have been proud to work with the Dalhousie Centre, Royal British Legion Bikers Branch and the Davidson Legacy Preservation Group among other brilliant causes!
Finally, thanks to the following media outlets who have helped us raise the profile of our business: The Dundee Courier, Scottish TV news, The Scotsman, Scottish Business News, Caledonia TV.
And thanks to you, and a happy triking New Year to you all!