Sell your Trike

Sell your trike today and let others discover the joy of trike touring!

There are many different reasons for people wanting to sell, and we understand that. We would always advise you to sell privately, because you will get a better price that way. That’s business!

However, if you want to reduce the hassle of a private sale, sell quickly, or part-exchange your trike for one of ours, get in touch with us by phone, email, or through our website.

This is what will happen:

First step

To sell your trike, please send us at least six high-quality photos via WhatsApp or email. Capture the trike from all angles, including any damage or defects. While no used trike is flawless, slight damage won't greatly affect our price. Early issue disclosure prevents withdrawal. You can also call us to arrange bringing the trike directly to us!

Registration Details

In order for us to proceed, we need the trike's registration number. Please ensure that the photos you send us display the registration number clearly. This information enables us to verify the trike's history, check its MOT status, and confirm that it is not currently under any finance agreement.

Mileage Information

To come to a fair price, we also need to know the trike's mileage.



Agreed price. Bring or collect (charge applies). Payment via bank transfer or deducted from purchase price. Job done!